Propane Gas Safety

Propane has many advantages over other fuels for your home or business. But like any fuel source, you need to understand how to use it safely.

Here are some propane safety tips for your home or business:

  1. Although propane is odorless, manufacturers add a chemical to make it smell like rotten eggs so you can detect a leak. If there is a rotten egg smell in your propane-powered home or workspace, leave immediately and contact Koppy’s Propane. DO NOT touch electrical outlets or light switches on the way out!
  2. If you think a propane appliance has been damaged, contact us. We will send a technician to fix the problem. NEVER try to fix it yourself!
  3. Don’t skip routine annual maintenance on your propane appliances! Maintenance will help you spot issues before they become emergencies.
  4. Learn where your propane service lines are so you don’t damage them when you’re landscaping or making renovations.
  5. Contact Koppy’s Propane immediately if you or a family member exhibits any of these carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms: headaches, dizziness, loss of muscular control, vomiting and watering of the eyes. We highly recommend installing a carbon monoxide monitor, which is available at your local hardware store.


  • use an outdoor propane device (gas range or grill) to heat your home
  • tamper with supply lines, regulators or storage tank fittings

Stay safe! Contact Koppy’s today if you have any questions about safety for your propane-powered home or business.