Propane Pricing and Payment Options

Koppy’s Propane can stabilize your costs and lower your winter bills

Propane prices can fluctuate a fair amount in Pennsylvania. Many factors can affect what propane costs, including the following:

  • Global affairs — As a co-product of natural gas and crude oil, propane’s price is somewhat vulnerable to pressures on those commodities, including refinery shutdowns, supply-chain issues, global conflicts and market speculation.
  • Supply and demand — This can involve residential demand increasing in the winter or commercial demand involving farms, petrochemical producers and other players.
  • Operational costs — Fuel prices incorporate the cost of transportation, storage and distribution.

While Koppy’s Propane can’t substantially affect global markets, we do everything we can to keep your price as low as possible. This includes maintaining larger-than-average storage and two railyard facilities to help keep our fuel supply stable and our prices reasonable.

We also offer these programs to protect your propane price and make your energy budget easier to manage.

Budget Payment Plan

With Koppy’s Budget Payment Plan, you’ll know exactly what your bill will be every month — even in the winter, when you’re using most of your propane for the year.

The Budget Payment Plan takes your estimated annual gas usage based on your history, multiplies it by an estimated market price and then divides that number into 12 equal monthly payments.

Prebuy Program

When you choose Koppy Propane’s Prebuy Plan, you’ll have a guaranteed rate on your prepurchased propane for the year.

Offered before October 1, the Prebuy Plan lets you lock in pricing for the amount of propane you used during the previous heating season. The Prebuy Plan requires a minimum purchase of 300 gallons of propane.


Sign up for Koppy’s convenient and FREE Autopay option; you’ll never have to worry about missing a payment for your propane!

With Autopay, we’ll deduct your monthly bill from your checking, savings or credit card account. You’ll continue to receive a regular invoice from Koppy’s Propane during your normal business cycle.

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