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When it comes to propane delivery and service for Harrisburg, you can’t beat Koppy’s. We’ve been serving Southeastern Pennsylvania for almost 80 years. We’re known for the reliability and personal, courteous service that no big national propane company can provide.

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Koppy’s comprehensive propane services

propane delivery in harrisburg pa

Propane delivery — Dependable propane delivery is at the heart of our services. Our Automatic Delivery, where we track your propane usage to know when you need more propane and schedule a delivery, gives you peace of mind.

Propane tanks — We sell, install and maintain both aboveground and underground propane tanks of all sizes up to 30,000 gallons.

Propane lines — If you’re adding propane to your home, we can handle it all, including safely and expertly installing propane lines from your gas tank to your home, as well as to your propane appliances.

Pricing and payment options — With options such as our Budget Payment Plan, Autopay and Prebuy, you can manage your propane costs in a way that best fits your needs.

Propane appliance installation and service — Enjoy a better quality of life in your home with our expert installation, maintenance and repair of propane appliances, including heating systems, water heaters, ranges, fireplaces, cast-iron stoves, gas logs, garage heaters and space heaters.

Commercial propane services — We take care of all kinds of Harrisburg businesses with our propane services, including bulk delivery, temporary construction heating, forklift cylinder refills, commercial stove and oven installation and service for restaurants, oil-to-propane conversions and more.

Propane autogas services — Using propane autogas for your vehicle fleet offers several benefits, including environmental friendliness and potential tax breaks and other incentives. We can help with converting your fleet to autogas as well as fleet fueling services.

Koppy’s has fans in Harrisburg!

“Koppy’s is so great to deal with. Due to the snow, our alley was not accessible, which is where our propane tank is. Now with all the snow melted, I said to my wife we need to contact Koppy’s and have them fill the tank. We were out back and just happened to look at the tank and, to our surprise, we saw that the tank had been filled without us even contacting you. Thank you, guys, so much!” – Jeremy W.

“We experienced an electricity outage due to trees down. We called and got propane to run our generator through the night. When we found out it would be another day until electricity hopefully would be restored, Koppy’s stopped by again to top us off. Definitely would recommend to friends and family!” – Nicole M.

Harrisburg: Pennsylvania’s capital and much more!

Native Americans had been living and traveling through what became the Harrisburg of today since as early as 3000 B.C. Its location along the Susquehanna River and where trails to other rivers, such as the Potomac, Delaware and Ohio rivers, made it a place where traders frequently traveled to and through.

Europeans first settled in the area in 1719, and the town was incorporated in 1791. It was named Pennsylvania’s state capital in 1812. Harrisburg was an important stopping place on the Underground Railroad before and during the Civil War, as escaped slaves were often fed and supplied here before continuing their journey to freedom in Canada. The city was also heavily involved in the Civil War, with tens of thousands of Union soldiers serving at some point of the war at Camp Curtin. It was also a critical rail link between the Eastern and Midwestern states. The Confederate Army tried twice to capture the city, the second time during the Battle of Gettysburg, but failed each time.

After the Civil War, the steel industry helped Harrisburg prosper.

Today, Harrisburg remains the state capital and many national and multinational businesses have operations here, including IBM, ArcelorMittal Steel, Hershey Food, RiteAid, HP and Volvo Construction Equipment.

Notable natives and residents of Harrisburg include:

  • Ricky Watters, running back who won Super Bowl XXIX with the San Francisco 49ers and was named to the Pro Bowl five times. He also won an NCAA Championship at Notre Dame in 1988.
  • Dan Hartman, singer, songwriter and producer known for his solo 1984 hit “I Can Dream About You”
  • Dennis Green, NFL coach with the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals
  • Bobby Troup, a jazz musician, songwriter and actor best known for writing the Nat King Cole Hit “Route 66” and his role as Dr. Joe Early on the 1970s TV show “Emergency!”
  • Jeremy Linn, swimmer who won both gold and silver medals at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta
  • Nancy Kulp, actress best known for her role as Miss Jane Hathaway in the classic sitcom “The Beverly Hillbillies”
  • Hyleas Fountain, heptathlete who won the silver medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing
  • Newt Gingrich, former congressman from Georgia and Speaker of the House from 1995–99

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