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Switch to a high-efficiency propane water heater and save on monthly bills!

propane water heaters pennsylvaniaYou use hot water every day to clean your dishes, your clothes and yourself so it’s no wonder that heating water can account for up to one-third of your energy bill each month.

Want to cut that number down and enjoy some other advantages along the way? Swap out your electric water heater for a high-efficiency propane water heater.

Compared to electric models, propane water heaters are:

  • More efficient – Powered by highly efficient propane and featuring electronic ignitions (rather than always-on pilot lights) and well-insulated tanks, Energy Star™–rated propane water heaters typically save about 15 percent in annual energy costs compared to standard electric and heating oil units (the savings is even greater with propane tankless water heaters).
  • Faster-heating – Propane gas water heaters heat more than double the amount of water in an hour compared to electric models.
  • More durable – Propane models are extremely durable and can last for many years – up to twice as long as electric models – with minimal service needed.
  • More eco-friendly – Propane storage tank water heaters cut almost a ton of CO2  emissions per year compared with standard electric units.
  • More compact – Because propane heats faster, you can get more hot water from a smaller size tank.

Our technicians will help you choose the size and look of your propane water heater, with models available from great manufacturers like Bradford White. They’ll then install your propane water heater quickly and safely so you can enjoy it right away.

Experience the power of propane for yourself – contact us today for a FREE estimate on a propane water heater!