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Propane space heaters: Flexible heating solutions for hard-to-heat rooms

A propane space heater is a great way to make hard-to-heat rooms cozy and livable – especially in spaces where a more substantial heating system is impractical or unnecessary (think sunrooms, basements, summer cottages, etc.).

Koppy’s Propane features space heaters from Empire Comfort Systems/White Mountain Hearth, Modine Unit Heaters, Detroit Radiant Heaters – industry leaders in propane-fired direct-vent and unvented space heating. Today’s high-tech propane space heaters are:

Blue flame heater pennsylvania

  • adjustable, equipped with technology that ensures consistent, even heating and minimizes cold spots
  • efficient, with technology that capitalizes on propane’s advantages
  • convenient, with a programmable remote control thermostats and multiple model sizes
  • easy to install, with versatile venting options that don’t require ductwork
  • customizable, with zone heating capabilities to suit your usage habits and needs
  • flexible, with configurations that can work as stand-alone units or as supplements to existing heating systems
  • safe, with state-of-the-art technology that protects your home and supports clean combustion

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