Koppy’s Propane FAQs

Q. I have propane tanks in my backyard and would like to switch companies. What do I have to do?

A. No problem! Click this link or call us today at 888-573-1285 to become a Koppy’s Propane customer! Koppy’s will make this process as seamless as possible. If you can tell us what the gas is used for and approximately how many gallons you use yearly, that information is very helpful. Koppy’s is also available to survey your site and make recommendations at no charge.

Q. How can I tell if there is a gas leak?

A. If you have a gas leak, your house will smell like rotten eggs. This is caused by an odorant added to propane so you can detect the leak (since propane itself is odorless). Make sure everyone in the house can recognize the odor. For added safety, we recommend that you install a propane gas detector in your home, along with a carbon monoxide detector.

Q. What should I do if I smell gas?

A. If you smell gas in your home:

  1. Extinguish any open flames.
  2. DO NOT turn light switches, appliances or thermostats on or off, and DO NOT use the telephone. Sparks could ignite the gas.
  3. Quickly get everyone out of the building.
  4. Close all gas tank or cylinder supply valves.
  5. Contact us from a safe distance away from your house.
  6. Stay outside until the problem has been corrected.

Q. How do I know when I’m due for a propane gas delivery?

A. If you are on automatic delivery, we will know when to refill your tank(s). However, it is important that you notify us of any changes in routine usage. For example, the addition or removal of an appliance or increased usage of appliances. If you are on Will-Call Delivery, request delivery when your tank gauge is at 30% full.

Q. Who do I call if I have a question about my invoice or statement?

A. Billing questions should be directed to the customer service department. At the end of the month, if there is an outstanding balance, you will receive a statement showing all deliveries/services for the month plus any prior balance.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept checks, cash and major credit cards. You can also select Koppy’s Budget Payment Program to have the same budgeted amount deducted directly from your checking account or credit card each month. You can also have payments deducted from your credit card after each delivery or service call.

Q. Can I bury my current aboveground propane tank?

A. No. Your aboveground tank is not coated or manufactured for underground use. We carry underground propane tanks in various sizes; contact us to learn more.

Q. I don’t want to turn my tank off every time I leave for vacation or the season. Is there a way to save money and not heat my hot water when I am not home?

A. Many water heaters have a vacation mode, where the pilot remains on but the burner does not. When you return, turn on the valve to resume operation.

Q. My tank gauge reads 45%, but my appliance is not working. What should I do?

A. See if your other gas appliances are working. If they are, contact us to service your appliance. If they are not, contact us immediately for service to your system.

Q. Why isn’t my propane tank filled to 100% capacity?

A. Propane is delivered and stored in liquid form. Propane liquid expands (becomes a gas) nearly 17 times more quickly than water over the same temperature increase. As a result, propane tanks are filled to about 80-85% of their capacity. This allows the propane liquid to expand freely with changes in temperature caused by hot days, cool nights, rain, snow and other factors.

Q. What is a safety check? Do I need one?

A. During a safety check your technician will test your propane system for proper operation and safe installation. They will perform a test on your gas line and tank or cylinder to ensure they are leak free. They will also make sure that both the propane tank and your appliances meet all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) guidelines.

Q. How can I pay my invoices automatically from my checking account or credit card?

A. Our AutoPay program lets you do just that! Contact us to learn more and enroll.

Q. How can I help my Koppy’s delivery go smoothly?

A. You can help us by:

  • keeping your driveway and pathways to your tank clear so our driver can easily access your equipment during service and refueling visits
  • alerting us to any changes in your account, such as the addition of appliances or any other known change in usage
  • paying your bill on time