Posted: March 6, 2023

The most affordable commercial propane option for Luzerne County businesses

propane transportation harrisburg, pa Does your business, work site or farm have immense fueling needs? For decades, Koppy’s Propane has provided dependable bulk propane transport for a range of commercial clients. Whether you are reselling, powering equipment or using it for power generation, we can help ensure you have the propane you need.

We also understand that bulk propane and commercial fuel transportation can be complex enough to make you pull your hair out. Our team handles fuel transport and delivery for companies large and small. Let’s shed some light on how bulk propane transport works.

Why do businesses need bulk propane?

Countless commercial ventures in Pennsylvania have large propane tanks and dispensing equipment. The businesses we serve include:

  • propane resellers
  • large farms
  • construction companies
  • factories and warehouses
  • shipping facilities
  • food manufacturers
  • trucking companies
  • greenhouses
  • asphalt and highway materials manufacturers

Propane storage and dispensing can be complicated. You need skilled professionals with safety certifications to maintain and repair your equipment. The Koppy’s Propane team can provide that, and we can also transport bulk propane wherever you need it!

How do you transport your bulk propane?

Koppy’s Propane offers dependable, secure fuel transport solutions. Our delivery fleet — ferried by licensed drivers with comprehensive safety training — will ensure that your contracted propane supply makes it quickly to its destination. We’ll pick it up from any suitable location, be it a storage facility, pipeline, refinery or railroad.

One of the reasons that we have such reliable commercial propane transportation services is that we know the region. Koppy’s Propane has served Hazleton, Mountain Top and other Luzerne County communities for years. We protect your shipment every mile of the trip. You won’t get that level of commitment from a national corporation.

How do you get the best possible price for bulk propane?

In 1984, Koppy’s Propane launched a wholesale propane business. We are now the best-in-class bulk propane wholesaler in the Keystone State!

We employ experts who keep track of energy markets on a daily — even hourly — basis and know exactly when to make a move and buy propane at the optimal price. And we pass the savings on to you.
Our flexible wholesale pricing options include the following:

  • daily spot market price
  • index/fixed/combination pricing
  • allocated contracts at various summer-to-winter ratios

Combined with a team of certified technicians and the best bulk propane transport fleet in the region, we are able to offer a full-service bulk fuel partnership at unbeatable prices.

Koppy’s Propane gets your business.

We understand that the businesses we serve cannot remain profitable without a reliable propane supply. A runout can be ruinous to their bottom lines.

In fact, many of our current commercial propane customers came to us after being let down by larger companies. We appreciate their trust in us and work hard to earn it daily. Our commercial propane team will work with you to develop a custom transportation and delivery plan. If you unexpectedly need an emergency repair or last-minute transportation, you can be confident that we’ll be there when you call.

Ready to see what the Koppy’s team can do for your business? Become a customer today.