Posted: November 23, 2016

Koppy's Propane homepage

Since 1944, the Koppy’s family has worked hard to keep our Pennsylvania neighbors warm and safe, delivering quality propane and a great experience for you, our loyal customers.

Now, with the launch of our new website and blog, we’ve found a new way to deliver that great experience to you.

Take a look around and you will find a more informative site that’s easier to use – and easier on the eyes. Whether you want to learn more about our propane for your home or for your business, you’ll find the information you need to make better choices.

Please take a minute to explore our new site – and to bookmark this page so you don’t miss out on the money saving, comfort-enhancing tips, and tricks to come. We hope our new site and blog become a great new resource for you in the months ahead.

Thanks again for being part of the Koppy’s family (and if you’re not, what are you waiting for?)