Posted: September 5, 2023

Here are some considerations when choosing a gas log or fireplace insert.

gas fireplace Harrisburg, pa The nights are about to get chilly in Cumberland, Luzerne, Lancaster and other counties in our Pennsylvania service region. At Koppy’s Propane, we value being a trusted home comfort partner, finding innovative solutions to keep families warm and toasty with clean-burning propane.

We sell and install both vented and ventless propane fireplace options from top makers like Empire Comfort Systems and White Mountain Hearth. These gas fireplace options provide the eye-catching flames and comforting warmth of a wood fire. However, they don’t require you to lug wood, get on all fours to light the flame, continue adding logs or clean up ash the next day. These premium propane products light up with the push of a button and turn off in a second when you’re ready to call it a night.

If you’re thinking about a ventless gas fireplace, here are some things to consider.

Differences between vented and ventless gas fireplaces

Traditional vented fireplaces have two vents that bring in fresh air and let out combustion byproducts. These are more viable options if you have a functional hearth and open chimney. Installing venting in a closed hearth is expensive.

By contrast, ventless propane fireplaces do not have venting to the outside of your home. Instead, they have regulators to limit the amount of combustion products they release. While ventless gas fireplaces are typically less pricy, they are subject to often-stringent regulations. Not every living space is suitable for a ventless propane fireplace. It’s crucial that a licensed professional (like a Koppy’s Propane technician) handle any gas fireplace installation for you.

Ventless gas fireplaces — Pros and Cons

Before you take the plunge on a ventless gas fireplace, it’s important to consider some advantages and disadvantages of these products:

Ventless Fireplace Pros Ventless Fireplace Cons
– Because there’s no venting outdoors, you lose no heat from your propane flames.
– Ventless products don’t require an open chimney or existing vent for installation.
– The flames from these products are as stunning as a vented alternative.
 – Despite the product’s regulators, some combustion products will end up in your rooms, affecting your indoor air quality.
– These products can produce some moisture in the air.

Koppy’s Propane installs premium gas-fired products.

A gas fireplace product is a significant investment, but it can do wonders for your lifestyle and even boost the value of your house. You’ll want to ensure that the product you choose is safe for your family and meets your needs. When you come to Koppy’s Propane, our team is at your service to guide you to the right fireplace product. Then, we will safely install it and provide you with top-tier maintenance services for years.
In addition to gas fireplaces, we install:

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