Posted: October 24, 2017

Gas fireplace logs

You may love the idea of adding a convenient, realistic, and beautiful propane gas log set to your existing masonry fireplace – but do you understand the differences between vented and vent-free options?

There are benefits and costs to each technology, and the best option for you depends on your needs and home.

Here’s a rundown for each gas log option:

Vent-Free propane gas log sets

  • These units are actually considered vent-free heaters and have similar features, including a safety shut-off, room oxygen sensor, and nearly 100 percent heating efficiency.
  • The flame on a vent-free log set is reduced so it burns less fuel (and emits fewer gases) so it can meet safety standards; a typical vent-free log set is rated at about 40,000 BTUs / hour.
  • Bottom line: Vent-free log sets are great if you want an efficient heat source for a small- to medium-sized fireplace, or if you want a back-up heat source during power outages.

Vented propane gas log sets

  • Vented gas logs are designed to produce a beautiful roaring fire, but it comes at a cost of fuel: vented fire log sets burn about twice as much fuel as a vent-free log set – about 80,000 to 90,000 BTUs/hour.
  • Vented gas log sets are also less efficient, since some of the heat that’s produced escapes through the chimney.
  • Bottom line: Vented log sets are great if you have a large fireplace, want a blazing fire and can live with lower efficiency and higher fuel bills.

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