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Three Ways to Make Propane Bills Manageable in the Year Ahead

Looking through bills

Most people like surprises – except when it comes to getting bills in the mail.

With the crazy weather we had here in Pennsylvania last January, our Will Call and Market Price propane delivery customers had a few of those surprises, as an unexpectedly high need for propane drove up prices and slowed down deliveries.

But some of our customers had a much more predictable winter (at least as far as bill paying goes) thanks to convenient services from Koppy’s. If you want to join them in having a more “boring” heating season in 2018-19, check out these three options:

Make paying for propane more predictable and less stressful in 2018-19 with convenient and fee-free payment options from Koppy’s Propane. Contact us today to get started!

*Minimum Prebuy purchase is 300 gallons.