Posted: October 25, 2021

garage heating pennsylvaniaConcrete floors. Little or no insulation. Drafty doors, walls, and ceilings.

With all these challenges, it’s tough to keep a garage warm on cold days here in Pennsylvania – and for safety reasons, few homes connect their garage to their home heating system.

With that combination of conditions, a space heater usually makes the most sense if you plan to keep a workspace in your garage during the colder fall and winter months. But what kind of space heater should it be, and how do you operate it safely?

Well, it should be no surprise that we here at Koppy’s recommend high efficiency propane-powered space heaters – especially ones that are custom designed for use in garages and other tough-to-heat spaces. Propane garage heaters can tackle any space-warming challenge, with powerful heating elements and heat delivery systems that will keep you warm and working all winter.

Propane Heater Safety Tips

As for using your propane garage heater safely, be sure to follow these 10 guidelines:

  • Choose a propane heater that’s the right size for your space.
  • Choose a propane heater that has safety features such as a low oxygen sensor, a high-temperature coated safety guard on the front, overheat protection and automatic tip-over shut off.
  • Always follow manufacturer’s instructions when using your space heater.
  • Keep your space heater on a non-combustible surface away from where people walk.
  • Keep it away from combustible materials, including materials that emit combustible fumes such as gasoline, paints and paint thinners, etc.
  • Never place anything on top of an indoor propane space heater.
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home and in your garage.
  • Never leave an indoor propane heater unattended.
  • If you notice that the flame in your propane space heater is glowing yellow rather than blue, discontinue use and contact us immediately.
  • Have your vented propane indoor space heater inspected annually.

Propane convection and radiant models available

With convection and radiant models available in a range of sizes and styles – including portable units – you’re sure to find a garage heater that perfectly matches the heating load of your space and the limits of your budget.

Koppy features garage heater models from trusted brands like Modine Unit Heaters and Detroit Radiant Heaters.

Propane heat is an economical and safe means of keeping your garage warm all fall and winter long without breaking the bank. To find a propane space heater that’s just right for your workspace, contact the heating experts at Koppy’s Propane today.