Posted: August 1, 2017

Relaxing on the couch

It’s nice to have something you can count on in today’s less-than-predictable world.

While we can’t tell you what news tomorrow’s headlines will bring, we may be able to help you know what your monthly energy bill will look like – or what price you’ll pay for propane delivery – thanks to Koppy’s convenient Budget Payment and Pricing Plans.

Here’s how these two options will set your mind at ease in the coming year:

  • Budget Payment Plan – With our Budget Payment Plan, we’ll divide your annual heating bill into 12 equal payments (based on your past use), so you’ll avoid that surprise bill that always seems to pop up right around the holidays. With this Plan, your total bill will be the same every month (we’ll adjust it – up or down – once a year) no matter how much propane you use – which makes it great for planning your month-to-month finances. And best of all, there are no fees for this service!
  • Prebuy Program – With our Prebuy Plan, you’ll pay the same low price for every gallon of propane* you buy before Oct. 1 – no matter what happens to the market price for your propane! Of course you can always pay market price for your propane if you prefer – the choice is yours!

Want to make your bill paying even easier? Add Autopay to these options and we’ll deduct your monthly bill from your checking, savings or credit card account. You’ll never have to pay a late fee – or even think about your heating bill – again!

Make paying for propane more predictable and less stressful in 2017-18! Contact Koppy’s Propane today to get started with any of our convenient payment options!

*Minimum purchase for Prebuy is 300 gallons.