Posted: December 20, 2018

Leaving for vacation

Planning an escape from Pennsylvania chill in the coming weeks? Excellent idea! Just don’t forget to plan ahead you don’t come home to any unpleasant winter surprises.

Here are six things you should do before going on a winter vacation.

  1. Program your thermostat. You don’t need to keep your home “comfortable” if no one is around to enjoy that heat – but that doesn’t mean you should shut your heat off altogether, either. Keep your thermostat set to about 55 degrees to keep enough heat in your house to prevent frozen pipes.
  2. Open under-sink cabinets. Keeping cabinets open will enable heated air from your home to reach non-insulated pipes.
  3. Unplug appliances. Restoring power after a winter power outage can produce a surge that can fry electronics and even cause a fire in your PA home; unplug your appliances and you will avoid such problems. You will also cut power usage by “vampire” appliances, which draw current even when they’re turned off.
  4. Close your fireplace flue. An open fireplace flue is like an open window; close it and you will not only reduce heat loss, but you will also keep snow, rain or animals from getting into your home.
  5. Lock windows and doors. Check all locks and close all shutters.
  6. Secure or store outdoor furniture. Winter weather can kick up suddenly and cause damage quickly. Make sure your outdoor furniture is stored or secured for safe keeping.
  7. Give us a call. If you get automatic propane deliveries, we base your top-off visits on your average propane use in the past. If you’re not home, you’re using less gas – something we can adjust for if we know it’s coming. Always remember to keep us in the loop if anything significant has changed in your home during the last year that might affect your propane use.

Enjoy a worry-free vacation – contact us today if you need propane or propane service before you go!