Posted: August 21, 2023

Avoid too-frequent propane deliveries with the perfect fuel storage tank.

propane tanks Dauphin county, pa At Koppy’s Propane, we’re proud to employ the friendliest, most dependable propane delivery team in Chester, York, Berks, Lehigh, Dauphin, Luzerne and other counties in central and southeast Pennsylvania. As much as our customers appreciate our professional service, they don’t want to see us too often. If you constantly need to call for propane deliveries, you could have a propane tank that’s too small for your home. We can help.

How We Determine Which Propane Tank Is Right

When the Koppy’s Propane team helps customers choose a propane tank, we consider a few key factors, including:

  • How large is your home?
  • How many people live with you, and how old are they? (Older adults and younger children often require more robust heating.)
  • How many propane appliances do you own? Do you have fuel-intensive equipment like a whole-home generator or pool heater?
  • Where are you placing your propane tank?

With these variables in mind, we can identify the best propane tank for your home.

Understanding Propane Tank Size Versus Capacity

Have you noticed that your aboveground propane tank’s gauge never reads 100 percent? There’s a reason that fuel companies like Koppy’s Propane never fill a tank much more than 80 percent. It’s a safety issue.

Propane expands and contracts as the temperature fluctuates. Water does too, but propane’s volume increases 17 times more than water. We need to account for these fluctuations, so we always leave 20 percent of the tank empty. This is called the “80 percent fill rule.”

Common Propane Tank Sizes

Here are some of the standard home propane tank sizes we offer and the type of equipment they service.

  • 120-gallon tanks typically power one or two home appliances.
  • 250-gallon tanks can power multiple appliances or two larger appliances.
  • 325-gallon tanks can power whole home heating for a modest-sized house.
  • 500-gallon tanks power heating and appliances for homes up to roughly 4,500 square feet.
  • 1,000-gallon tanks service large homes and commercial properties.

Koppy’s Propane has the ideal propane tank for your home!

With other 75 years of experience serving Pennsylvania families, Koppy’s Propane has the know-how to help you choose the perfect propane tank for your home. When you connect with our team of seasoned professionals, we work diligently to find the right-sized propane tank to match your family’s exact needs.

Additionally, we can install and connect your propane tank — both above- and underground. Our employees are fully licensed and certified. You can be confident that your propane tank will be placed safely and correctly. Need maintenance work or an emergency repair? We can handle that too.

Finally, you’ll have the peace of mind of partnering with a trusted local company. Our fuel delivery services are second to none. We even sell, install and service premium gas-fired appliances to keep your home warm and comfortable.

Let’s connect today and find the right propane tank for your home. Reach out to Koppy’s Propane for prompt, friendly tank installation services.