Posted: January 22, 2024

Here’s how often you should replace parts in your propane hearth product.

gas fireplace Lancaster, PA When the snow starts falling in Lancaster and other Southeastern Pennsylvania communities, you want to make sure your home is warm and cozy. For many Koppy’s Propane customers, a propane fireplace provides the perfect combination of robust supplemental heat and aesthetic appeal.

The products we sell and install from Majestic, Monessen and Empire Comfort Systems/White Mountain Hearth include authentic-looking, hand-painted gas logs. They are durable and attractive. Still, it’s important to maintain these products and replace parts if needed.

Benefits of Gas Fireplaces

When you invest in a gas fireplace or log set, you can enjoy exceptionally easy hearth fires that are as stunning as a wood fire. Instead of chopping and lugging wood, lighting a fire on your knees, adding logs and sitting up waiting for the embers to die down, you can just push a button to turn the flames on and off.

Gas fireplaces are much better for the air quality in your home. Wood smoke contains fine particulate matter that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, can trigger asthma symptoms and cause illnesses like bronchitis. Propane emits virtually no particulate matter.

Because propane fireplace products emit less ash and soot, you don’t need to do as much chimney cleaning or maintenance. But you still need to maintain your fireplace product.

When to Replace an Artificial Log

Gas fireplace logs are made from durable materials that can withstand flames — generally ceramic fiber or refractory cement molded to look like natural wood. In a well-maintained, periodically-used fireplace insert, they can typically last for 10 years before requiring replacement. However, they may need to be replaced after three to five years if you use your gas fireplace more frequently.

Discoloration is normal for the logs in a propane fireplace. You don’t need to replace a log merely because it has become darker.

As a rule of thumb, you should replace any artificial logs with cracks and breaks. Cracked or broken logs can fall out of position, and gas fireplace products have been designed and safety-tested in specific arrangements. Rearranging them can pose a serious safety risk.

Servicing Propane Fireplaces

Like all gas-fired products in your home, a propane fireplace insert, gas log or other hearth product should receive regular service from a professional technician. Annual maintenance will ensure optimal performance. The professional HVAC team at Koppy’s Propane is happy to service your gas fireplace. We will clean it and test all components to ensure they’re working efficiently and safely. Arranging regular fireplace maintenance helps your equipment last for the longest time possible before needing to be replaced.

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