Posted: May 20, 2024

Read Your Propane Tank Gauge

Koppy’s Propane can ensure you never miss a propane delivery.

propane tank Mountain Top, PAAs we approach the summer months, our customers are looking forward to some exciting warm weather fun. What’s on your summer agenda? Family cookouts? Much-anticipated vacations?

With so much on our “to-do” lists, it can be easy to forget to check your propane tank levels. You don’t want to have an unanticipated run-out, leaving you without hot water, a working stove, a clothes dryer or other gas-fired appliances. At Koppy’s Propane, we can help you track your propane levels and keep your fuel tank filled all year round.

How to Check Your Tank Gauge

If you are a “Will Call” customer who contacts us whenever you need fuel, then it’s essential that you know how to check your propane tank gauge.

The gauge should be located under a dome on top of your tank. It has numbers ranging from 5 to 95, which denote the percentage fill of the tank, not how many gallons of propane are in there. If the needle is pointing to 50 on a 250-gallon propane tank, the tank is 50% full. So, you have about 125 gallons of fuel.

One important thing to remember is that this gauge reading reflects the volume of your propane, or how much space it takes up in the tank. Propane’s volume fluctuates a lot depending on outdoor temperatures. Propane’s volume increases nearly 17 times the volume change of water with the same temperature increase. Consequently, there might be slight variations in your gauge reading if temperatures drop or rise quickly, even if the amount of propane inside the tank remains the same.

Filling a Propane Tank

Propane’s volume fluctuations affect how propane companies like ours deliver your fuel. We need to account for the safe expansion of propane in your tank. So, we follow the “80% fill rule.” Leaving 20% of your tank empty prevents unsafe increases in pressure. That’s why you never see your tank gauge reading 100%, even right after a propane delivery.

Automatic Delivery from Koppy’s Propane

If you’ve ever run out of propane for your household, you know it’s a horrible inconvenience. You need to arrange an emergency propane delivery, and one of our technicians will need to perform a safety leak check before we can re-fill the tank and re-light your pilots. It’s a terrible inconvenience for everyone.

Luckily, Koppy’s Propane customers can make run-outs a thing of the past, and it doesn’t cost one dollar extra. We offer FREE automatic delivery service to customers, allowing you to put all the planning in our hands. We use your customer history and current weather patterns to calculate when you will need more propane. Then, we will schedule a propane delivery before you run low.

With automatic delivery, you don’t need to run outside on rainy nights to check your tank gauge, and you never ever need to worry about running out of fuel.

Get the propane delivery service that ensures you always have the fuel your home needs. Become a Koppy’s Propane customer.