Posted: September 27, 2021

propane tank installation pennsylvaniaEfficiency is all about choosing a tool that’s the right size for a job – and a propane tank is no exception.

If you’ve added propane appliances to your home in recent years but haven’t upgraded your propane tank to keep up with the greater need for gas, you could be refilling too often and paying more than you need to for your propane deliveries. You could even run out of propane, which can be a costly and potentially dangerous mistake.

Not sure if your propane tank is the right size? Contact us – we’ll look at your delivery history and see if a replacement makes sense.

If you decide to install a new propane tank, we’ll do it the Koppy’s way: quickly and safely, with minimal disruption to you and your family and in compliance with all EPA and state codes and laws.

Contact Koppy’s Propane today to get a FREE no obligation estimate on a new propane tank for your Pennsylvania home!