Posted: May 1, 2023

Propane tank installation is a specialized and potentially dangerous process.

propane tank service Hazleton, pa Having a stationary propane tank on your property gives you access to magnificent propane-fired systems and appliances. Whether you use propane for home heating and hot water or for individual products like stoves, fireplace inserts and pool heaters, you can feel confident that you’ll have the fuel you need. If there’s a grid outage or natural gas utility issue, you’ll still have access to your home’s propane.

However, when the time comes to install a new propane tank, it’s best to leave that to professionals like the technicians at Koppy’s Propane. You should never attempt to install a propane tank yourself. It is unsafe and often illegal.

What’s involved when installing propane tanks?

It’s crucial that you work with a propane tank installer who has the training, certification and experience to complete the job safely and correctly. Here are some factors that necessitate a professional for the job.

Excavation — If your tank is going underground, you will need to excavate the area and ensure that you don’t disrupt utility lines, septic systems and other subterranean items. Even an aboveground tank may require ground leveling, which a professional team can handle.

Equipment connections — There’s more to installing a tank than getting it set. We will run and cover gas lines to get propane safely to your various systems and appliances. If this is done incorrectly, you could be looking at a costly and dangerous fuel leak.

Permits and filings — Depending on where you are in Luzerne County or other counties in our southeast or central Pennsylvania service area, you could be required to file paperwork pertaining to your tank installation. Koppy’s Propane is familiar with state and local regulations and can take care of that for you!

Safety testing — Finishing installation is just part of the process. We also test all your connections and equipment to ensure it’s safe and operating as intended.

How can you prepare for a tank installation?

While it’s not advisable to install your propane tank, there are things you can do to ensure your professional tank installation goes smoothly. They include:

  • keeping your yard and driveway clear for installers.
  • ensuring your propane equipment is fully installed and ready for connection.
  • ensuring the ground where the tank is going is level and placing gravel or a cement slab there. (Talk to us first, though, so we can confirm it’s a viable place for the tank.)
  • being home when the installation is scheduled.

Koppy’s Propane is here for your propane tank installation.

If you’re looking for the best propane storage in the region, then Koppy’s Propane is your go-to partner. We’ve been installing propane tanks since 1944. We have it down to a science! Our experienced, friendly technicians can help you choose the best top-of-the-line tank and select the proper placement for it. Then, we’ll install and connect it promptly and safely.

Our team members are standing by to set you up with dependable fuel storage. Reach out to us today.