Posted: January 23, 2023

Commercial propane in Hazleton, Mountain Top, and across Luzerne County

commercial propane pennsylvania For over 70 years, the team a Koppy’s Propane has been providing propane and a range of equipment services to commercial customers in Luzerne County and throughout our Pennsylvania service area. Companies, municipalities, construction sites, and agricultural businesses use our services.

When you manage a business that depends on propane to operate, you cannot afford to run out. We know that you have a hundred things to juggle and can take fueling coordination off the table for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the commercial sectors that trust Koppy’s team.

Farms and agriculture

Farms, dairies, orchards, vineyards — we supply propane for a variety of agricultural businesses. Propane is a versatile fuel with many vital uses on farms, including the following:

  • heating for greenhouses, poultry houses, and other outbuildings
  • crop drying and weed removal
  • power generation
  • water heating
  • water sanitizing stations for milking operations

We offer propane storage solutions to our agricultural customers as well, with tank sizes as large as 30,000 gallons. We can also lease propane-fired equipment for your heating, power generation and other needs.


For builders in Luzerne County, propane provides many essential functions. First and foremost, it provides heating and power to ensure that workers are warm and safe, especially on overnight shifts in cold months. Propane heat also warms frozen ground for digging and laying cement. It ensures that ice doesn’t form in brickwork, stucco and concrete. It also ensures that paint and compound dry and adhere correctly, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

In short, construction projects depend on the heating and power that propane provides. And we’re dedicated to ensuring they have the fuel they need.

Service and hospitality

We install commercial-grade industrial stoves, ovens, and other equipment that is critical to the operations of restaurants, hotels, and resorts. We also provide propane subcontracting support for HVAC companies in the region. Municipalities count on us to retrofit schools with propane heating, hot water, and cooking.

And, of course, we also supply the fuel that keeps these systems running!

Manufacturing and industrial

No matter the size or complexity of your factory, warehouse or distribution center, Koppy’s Propane can service its fuel needs. We supply the following:

  • heating installation and fueling for warehouse spaces
  • fueling for dependable propane-powered forklifts
  • oil-to-propane conversion for warehouses and other industrial buildings

In 1984, Koppy’s Propane launched a wholesale business to deliver bulk propane at the most competitive price. Trucking companies, food manufacturers, factories, and many other businesses love this transparently-priced, high-volume fuel option.

Propane transportation

We also have the most trusted propane transportation operation in the region. Propane suppliers, large-scale businesses, and other commercial operations place their fuel in the care of our drivers. We’ll pick it up at your site, a refinery, rail yard, or storage facility and reliably get it where it needs to go.

Whatever your commercial propane needs, we can develop a custom solution for you. Contact Koppy’s Propane to get started.