Posted: August 21, 2017

Garage interior

Labor Day is just around the corner – which means it’s time to think about the projects you want to work on in your garage this fall and winter. The question is, how will you keep your space comfortable enough to let you work for hours at a time?

A propane-powered radiant garage heater could be the answer.

Radiant heaters send out waves of energy that warm the people and objects they come into contact with. By operating this way, propane-powered radiant heaters enjoy several advantages over conventional heaters, including:

  • Improved energy efficiency – Propane radiant heaters use about 50 percent less energy than electric models.
  • Safety – Radiant heaters don’t get nearly as hot to the touch as conventional heaters do.
  • Less maintenance – Radiant heaters have no motor, filters, or moving parts, so maintenance is minimal.
  • Instant heat – Radiant heaters heat people and objects, not the air around them – so they do the job faster and more efficiently than conventional heaters (especially electric models).
  • Minimal noise – Since there are no moving parts, radiant heaters operate more quietly than conventional heaters.
  • Greater comfort – Heat from an infrared heater’s reflector isn’t affected by drafts or wind, so it keeps you warm in less-than-ideal conditions.
  • Eco Friendly – Radiant heaters run on clean, green propane without an open flame, so they don’t emit carbon when they’re keeping you warm.

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