Posted: December 14, 2020

gas log sets pennsylvaniaIt’s going to be a long winter for all of us this year – one where we’ll have to spend a lot of time indoors dealing with far more than the usual winter stresses.

In other words, it’s the perfect winter to spend A LOT of time in front of your fireplace.

The problem with doing that is that starting, maintaining, and cleaning up after a fire takes time and effort that you might not be willing to invest for a few hours of pleasure. If that’s the case, and you still want to enjoy the warm, healing glow of a fire, a propane gas log set could be perfect for you.

A set of propane gas logs offers an efficient, convenient alternative to burning wood if you have an existing masonry fireplace that doesn’t work particularly well, or if you just don’t want to spend as much time working on your fire as you do enjoying it.

Advantages Of Propane Fireplaces

Choose propane gas logs and you’ll:

  1. Minimize remodeling costs – Propane gas logs can be used in your current fireplace, so no additional construction is needed (of course, if you don’t have a fireplace already, we can always install a new propane-powered one for you).
  2. Lower bills – A new propane fireplace insert is about four times more efficient than one that burns wood, so you’ll spend less money to keep it running.
  3. Stay safer – Open fires always have their dangers – from falling wood to flying embers and blown-back smoke. Creosote buildup in improperly maintained chimneys can also start fires. All of these problems are eliminated with gas logs if you simply get them professionally maintained once a year.
  4. Enjoy more fire time – Push a button and voila – instant fire. Push it again and the fire’s out, with no waiting for embers to die down.
  5. Shrink your carbon footprint – Less fuel needed means less environmental impact. Propane also burns cleaner than wood, so there are fewer carbon emissions – especially particulates – with a propane fireplace insert.

Want to learn more about propane gas log sets – or propane fireplaces – for your Pennsylvania home? Contact Koppy’s today for a FREE estimate on propane hearth installations in southeastern PA!