Posted: August 30, 2021

propane campfire pennsylvaniaLabor Day 2021 is almost here, which means that summer will soon come to an end here in Pennsylvania. But you can delay summer’s end with a little help from propane in your outdoor living space.

One of the best ways to stretch your outdoor entertainment season into early fall is to install a outdoor propane fire pit – a decorative structure that can be made from concrete, brick or stone in a variety of shapes and sizes. Connected to a line from your household propane tank or to a refillable 20-lb propane cylinder, a fire pit burns clean and produces no smoke or ash – just turn it on, sit back, and enjoy an evening by the fire under the stars.

With some sensible precautions for placement (give it space and keep it off flammable surfaces and away from flammable materials and vapors, for starters), a propane fire pit can be a perfect focal point for your outdoor living space.

Other Ways Propane Can Extend Your Outdoor Entertainment Season

Of course, propane isn’t just for fire pits: as versatile as it is powerful, propane can do it all outside your Williamstown, PA-area home, helping you to enjoy your yard, pool, and patio just a little longer.

These are just some of the ways you can use propane to stretch your outdoor entertainment season.

  • Propane lighting – The sun sets earlier as the year goes on, but that doesn’t mean the party should stop. Keep the good times rolling with cost-effective propane outdoor lighting.
  • Propane spa heaters – Nothing beats a hot soak on a cool evening – and nothing beats propane for providing that hot soak for you! Propane spa heaters give you precision control of your hot tub’s temperature, and they heat water quickly if you don’t plan to run your hot tub every day.
  • Propane patio heaters – Want to take the late-summer edge off for guests on your patio? Try a high efficiency propane patio heater. They come in many shapes, sizes and styles to match any outdoor décor.
  • Propane mosquito traps – Nothing takes the fun out of summer quite like a swarm of mosquitos. Keep these pests at bay with a propane mosquito trap and you’ll avoid the chemical smells and zapping sounds.

Not ready to give up on summer 2021 just yet? Install propane outdoor living equipment, fueled by reliable propane deliveries from the pros at Koppy’s Propane. Contact us today to learn more.