Posted: March 27, 2018

Blue propane flame

Mention the word propane and many people will immediately think of a barbecue grill. If you’re one of those people, you’re missing out on one of the most versatile ways to power your Pennsylvania home.

How versatile? You can use propane to:

  • Power almost any appliance – Propane is one of the most efficient fuel options available for most appliances, including your cooking range, clothes dryer, and much more.
  • Warm your home – Today’s propane furnaces can deliver up to 99 percent efficiency performance, providing warmer air for less money than any electric heat pump.
  • Keep the hot water coming – A high-efficiency tankless propane water heater will give you virtually unlimited hot water on demand (no more cold showers!) at a much lower cost per gallon than an electric heater – and do it all from a unit the size of a suitcase.
  • Recover a “lost room” – Most of us have a room that we underutilize in the winter because it’s just not warm enough. With a powerful propane space heater, you can rediscover that lost square footage.
  • Create a focal point – A propane fireplace or cast iron stove will quickly transform any room into the center of attention in your home, providing the warm glow of a fire at the touch of a button.
  • Give you peace of mind – Severe weather is becoming more common these days – and so are the dangerous power outages that can come with it. With a propane-powered emergency backup generator, you’ll not only keep the lights and heat or A/C on – you’ll also keep your food fresh, your sump pump working and your home security system protecting your valuables.

Best of all, you can power all of your appliances from a single, durable aboveground or underground propane tank that we can install and maintain for you.

What can propane do for you? Contact Koppy’s Propane today and find out!