Posted: July 27, 2020

propane appliances pennsylvania

If you use propane to heat your Pennsylvania home, you already know how efficient and effective it is. But did you know it could power just about any appliance in your home – and that the more propane appliances you have, the better a deal it becomes for you?

We see it all the time: a homeowner has a propane furnace but an electric clothes dryer and water heater, not realizing that running those appliances on propane would be a far better way to go.

Consider propane water heaters, for example. They cost 30 percent less to operate than electric models – and even less if you invest in a tankless model. But even if you don’t go tankless, a conventional propane water heater (one with a storage tank) will have a much faster recovery period (the time it takes to reheat a tank of water once you run out) than an electric version – which means you’ll enjoy longer, hotter showers.

Other Propane Appliance Options

Water heaters are just the tip of the “propane is better“ iceberg:

  • Propane gas cooking ranges give you precision temperature control that no electric stovetop can match;
  • Propane fireplaces and log sets will give you the romantic glow of a hearth at the click of a button, with about double the heating efficiency of a wood-burning fireplace (and without the mess);
  • A propane clothes dryer will dry your clothes faster and cause less wear and tear;
  • Propane pool heaters will heat your pool or spa more effectively than an electric heat pump, which can only heat your water to match the air temperature (not so great on a cool morning or evening).

With every propane appliance you add, you’ll save money and get better performance with propane than electricity. And that doesn’t even get into the environmental benefits of propane, which produces less carbon than coal burning (which powers some electrical power plants) and is derived without the use of fracking (as is the case with natural gas, which powers other power plants).

Anyway you slice it, more propane appliances means more benefit for you. Best of all, every appliance can be linked to a single propane tank, which can be installed underground and out of site!

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