Posted: December 18, 2017


If your propane gas furnace has stopped working, one of the problems you may encounter while you’re troubleshooting is an extinguished pilot light.

Most older propane gas furnaces (and some new ones) are ignited with a pilot light (many newer models use an electronic ignition for better efficiency). One of the main reasons your furnace stops working is because that pilot light goes out.

Pilot light failure can happen for several reasons, including:

  1. Clogged intake valves – Buildup of dust and dirt can cut off oxygen to the pilot light chamber, making it difficult for its flame to “breathe.”
  2. A damaged thermocouple – A thermocouple is an electrical switch that varies its output when temperatures change – on your propane gas furnace, it’s used to cut off gas supply as a safety measure.
  3. A system leak – A weak or yellow pilot light flame usually indicates a leak somewhere in your system; as a safety measure, your furnace responds to that leak by shutting down.
  4. Drafts – Most pilot lights simply blow out. Luckily, this is one of the easiest problems to fix. If you attempt to reset your pilot light yourself, always follow manufacturer’s instructions. If the pilot light doesn’t light after several attempts, contact us for service.

Whatever the reason for your pilot light failure, the expert technicians at Koppy’s can help, with 24/7 service available for no-heat emergencies.

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