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Will Call Customers: Keep An Eye On Your Tank!

February 25, 2021

After a slow start, winter 2020/21 has really hit its stride here in Pennsylvania (as we predicted in our last blog), and your heating system has been hard at work protecting your family from temperature …

How To Be Prepared For Extreme Cold

January 25, 2021

We’ve had a mild winter so far here in Pennsylvania, but that could soon change pretty drastically as we could be welcoming our old friend the polar vortex (remember him)? Yes, that’s the same polar vortex …

Why Switch From Wood To A Propane Gas Log Set?

December 14, 2020

It’s going to be a long winter for all of us this year – one where we’ll have to spend a lot of time indoors dealing with far more than the usual winter stresses. In other words, …

Propane Vs. Electric Appliances

November 23, 2020

About nine percent of Pennsylvania homeowners use propane to heat their homes – less than one-third the number that use electricity for that purpose. But are those electricity users getting the most heating bang for …

Choosing a propane autogas fleet fueler

Choosing A Propane Autogas Fleet Fueler

October 27, 2020

To keep a propane-powered commercial fleet up, running, and productive, you have to make smart choices – the first and most important of which is who your fuel provider will be. A top-notch fleet fuel …

Benefits of a propane fireplace

Propane Fireplaces: Five Great Benefits

October 2, 2020

Most of us love to gather around a hearth, especially on cold days and nights here in central and southeastern Pennsylvania. But sometimes the work required to get that fire roaring – not to mention the …

Propane: the perfect farm fuel

Propane: The Perfect Farm Fuel

August 24, 2020

Clean, green, versatile propane gas is the perfect way to power just about any equipment or vehicle on your farm – and Koppy’s Propane has plenty of it on hand to keep your operation up, …

Propane appliances: the more you have, the more you save

Propane Appliances: Have More, Save More

July 27, 2020

If you use propane to heat your Pennsylvania home, you already know how efficient and effective it is. But did you know it could power just about any appliance in your home – and that …

How much propane will I use during the summer?

How Much Propane Will I Use During The Summer?

June 23, 2020

You probably won’t use as much propane gas during the summer as you do during the winter, when your propane fireplace, propane space heater, or furnace are running. But that doesn’t mean you won’t use …

Ways to make propane bills more manageable in the year ahead

Propane Bills: Three Ways To Make Them More Manageable In The Year Ahead

May 25, 2020

During stressful times like these, a little predictability can go a long way – especially when it comes to bill paying. If you’re a “will call” or market price customer for your propane deliveries, that predictability …