Posted: February 5, 2024

You can set up propane autogas fuel equipment at your business.

fleet fueling Hazleton, PA We’re living through an exciting time for our commercial transportation sector. Americans are dealing with the unfortunate reality that transportation is the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

To address fleet emissions, we’re seeing vehicles turn to alternative energy sources, including propane autogas. This process can be challenging for operators, but it also presents some considerable opportunities for efficiency and cost savings. Chief among these opportunities is on-site fueling.

What is on-site fueling?

On-site fueling means that your business maintains its own supply of fuel, as well as pumping equipment. Your fleet drivers are able to refill their tanks with you rather than going to a service station. You’ll work with a fuel company like Koppy’s Propane to keep your fuel tank filled.

What are the benefits of on-site fueling?

Setting up on-site fleet fueling equipment at your business yields significant advantages, including the following:

  • On-site fueling saves money. Rather than absorbing the markups and inflated rates of service stations, you can have a more affordable bulk propane price from your autogas partner. Your mileage will drop, too, since your vehicles will no longer need to go out of their way to fill up.
  • You will save your drivers’ time. No longer will they need to make special trips to refill their tanks at off-site service stations. They can fuel up at the beginning or end of their shift and spend their work hours driving.
  • You’ll end record-keeping and coordination headaches. As a fleet manager, you can say goodbye to the long nights of reconciling driver receipts. You no longer need to worry that your employees are forgetting to submit records or, even worse, submitting false expenses for reimbursement. Instead, you’ll have a single vendor handling all your fueling needs.
  • You control your fuel access. You won’t need to worry about your local gas station running out of fuel or dealing with technical issues. With an on-site fuel tank, well-maintained personal dispensing equipment and a trustworthy supplier, you can be confident you’ll always have the fleet fuel you need.

Should you consider a propane autogas conversion with Koppy’s?

You have the opportunity to lower your fleet’s emissions, improve engine performance and set up convenient on-site fueling infrastructure in the process. Koppy’s Propane partners with Alliance Autogas to help fleet managers convert to propane in Hazleton and throughout Central or Southeastern Pennsylvania.

When you move your service vans, school buses, shuttles and other fleet vehicles from gas and diesel to propane, you can lower your vehicles’ nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and particulate matter emissions, vastly improving their environmental and air quality impact.

Alliance Autogas has also found that converting gas and diesel vehicles to propane yields fuel savings between 30 and 50 percent. Propane engines tend to have lower maintenance costs, longer service life and fewer cold-weather start-up issues.

Reach out to Koppy’s Propane today to get started making the change to autogas and setting up convenient, cost-effective on-site fleet fueling.