Posted: November 25, 2019

propane log set pennsylvania

Replacing the wood logs in your fireplace with a propane gas log set can be a great way to make evenings by the fire more accessible and convenient for your family. But how do you choose a gas log set for your Central Pennsylvania home?

Mostly, the decision comes down to choosing between direct vent and vent-free options – each has its pros and cons, and the best choice for you will depend on your needs, your home, and your local building codes.

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of these two propane gas log possibilities:

Vent-free gas log sets: Pros and cons

  • Vent-free log sets are basically space heaters and include similar features, such as a safety shut-off, room oxygen sensor. They are nearly 100 percent efficient, since no heat is lost to your chimney or a vent system.
  • The flame on a vent-free log set is reduced so it burns less fuel and emits fewer exhaust fumes in order to meet safety standards; a typical vent-free log set is rated at about 40,000 BTUs / hour.
  • Vent-free log sets are great if you want an efficient heat source for a small- to medium-sized fireplace, or if you want a back-up heat source during power outages. However, some building codes prohibit the use of vent-free heaters in living spaces, so be sure to do your research before committing to buying one!

Vented gas log sets: Pros and cons

  • Vented gas logs produce bigger flames, but your “roaring fire” comes at the cost of efficiency: although a vented fire log set can generate as much as 90,000 BTUs per hour, much of that heat escapes through the chimney. As a result, a vented log set can burn more than twice as much fuel as a vent-free log set.
  • Vented log sets are great if you have a large fireplace, value a realistic, roaring fire and can live with higher fuel bills.

Not sure which propane gas log set is right for your fireplace? Contact the heating pros at Koppy’s Propane today and let’s talk about it! And always remember, for the most reliable propane deliveries in Dauphin, Cumberland, or Luzerne Counties, nobody beats Koppy’s!