Posted: September 21, 2018

Sun room

Most of us have at least one “problem” room in our house that’s just a little too cold to enjoy during the late fall and through the winter – either because it’s more exposed than other rooms to the elements or because it’s simply too big or open for your home heating system to handle.

But with the help of today’s high-tech, high efficiency propane space heaters, you can cozy up any room in your Pennsylvania home.

A direct vent propane heater can transform a basement, sunroom, or any other underused room into a warm space with self-adjusting heat that keeps room temperature consistent from floor to ceiling.

How does a direct vent propane heater work?

A direct vent heater is basically a sealed combustion box that mounts to your wall and vents exhaust directly outside your home through a single, narrow pipe. Because it is sealed, room air does not mix with the fire, which eliminates fumes and keeps heated air indoors.

Direct vent propane heater advantages

Modern direct vent heaters offer:

  • Duct-free operation – With no ductwork, propane heaters are much easier and less expensive to install and maintain than furnaces and boilers.
  • Precision heating – Today’s direct vent heaters can detect temperature changes of less than 1° Fahrenheit, then adjust fan speed and output to reach a desired temperature.
  • Easy installation – Simple one-hole venting and no ductwork makes installation fast and easy. Installation by a trained experienced contractor typically takes less than a day.
  • Easy operation – Programmable thermostats in a direct vent heater allow you to adjust operation based on your habits and usage.

If you prefer vent-free propane heaters, we have options for you there, too.

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