Posted: February 15, 2018

Energy efficiency

It’s been an unpredictable winter so far in 2018, with temperatures routinely swinging by 20 degrees or more within a 24-hour period. That roller-coaster ride means your home heating system has been getting quite a workout.

It also means higher bills.

One way to help keep those bills as manageable as possible is to make your home operate as efficiently as possible. Here are five cost-effective energy efficiency measures to consider for your Pennsylvania home:

  1. Invest in – and program – your thermostat – About half of American households have a programmable thermostat – but only about one-quarter of those people actually set it, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Don’t make that mistake! Dropping thermostat temperatures by four degrees or so during the hours you’re out of the house – or when you’re sleeping – could save you 10 percent or more on your energy bills.
  2. Weatherize – Did you know that as much as twenty percent of the air that you paid to warm (or cool) escapes through air leaks around doors, windows, and other voids leading to the great outdoors? By making your home more airtight with inexpensive weather sealing, door sweeps, and caulk, you could save a bundle on energy bills over the course of a year.
  3. Add insulation – Most American homes are under-insulated, especially in attics and basements. Adding affordable, easy-to-install insulation can cut your annual heating (and cooling) costs significantly – more than enough to offset your initial insulation investment in just a year or two.
  4. Maintain your home heating system – An annual tune-up is a must for your home heating system – even if it appears to be running well. On average, your heating system loses about four to five percent efficiency each year if it’s not properly maintained. Poorly maintained heating systems are also far more likely to need repairs.
  5. Consider a heating system upgrade – Replacing your old propane furnace or space heater with one of today’s high-efficiency models can have a dramatic effect on your bills – often enough to offset the cost of your investment within the first two to three years, depending on how much you use your heating system.

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