Posted: December 27, 2022

Pick the most effective, efficient and affordable hot water system

water heaters pennsylvania When certain appliances in your home break down, it’s not that big of a deal. For example, a few days without a gas range is annoying but not horrendous.

Water heaters are another matter altogether. You and your family depend on hot water for many crucial things: bathing, washing hands, cleaning laundry and dishes. If your water heater fails, your life is severely impacted. Arranging a new water heater installation becomes your top priority.

At Koppy’s Propane, we tell our customers in Mountain Top, Hazeltown and other Luzerne County communities to plan ahead if their water heater is getting up in years. There are a lot of water heaters on the market. Choosing the wrong option (especially because you’re rushing to replace broken equipment) can have lasting consequences for your budget and your family’s comfort.

Many customers ask us if it’s a better idea to get an electric or propane water heater. Let’s compare their affordability, effectiveness and carbon footprint.

Which water heater is more affordable?

Electric water heaters are typically less expensive than propane water heaters, but you need to consider more than upfront costs.

The average American household uses 20 percent of its energy on hot water generation. And propane water heaters generally require about 30 percent less energy than electric water heaters. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) compared the operating costs of electric and propane water heaters for a 2,400-square-foot home. They determined that propane water heaters cost about $355 less per year. You can recoup the difference in upfront costs in as little as one year. After that, you’ll enjoy continued savings every year!

Which option generates more hot water?

Propane water heaters generate double the hot water of an electric water heater in the same period. Propane produces some of the most robust heat of any home fuel. That means your showers will be reliably warm, and your taps will heat up faster.

Propane tankless water heaters generate unlimited hot water on demand, using even less energy!

Which water heater is better for the planet?

While it’s true that electric water heaters release no greenhouse gases from your home, the electricity powering them is far from eco-friendly. In Pennsylvania, the electric grid relies heavily on natural gas and coal. In 2021, electricity generation produced 32 percent of America’s carbon emissions.

Conversely, propane is not a greenhouse gas. It releases significantly less carbon dioxide than other energy sources besides natural gas, but unlike natural gas, It’s methane-free. Propane contains virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

Trust Koppy’s Propane for your water heater installation

Since 1944, Koppy’s Propane has been Luzerne County’s most trusted home comfort partner. We can help you choose the best propane-fired water heater for your home and budget, then install it for you quickly and safely. After that, you’ll have a trustworthy service and repair partner, as well as the most dependable propane delivery team in the region.

Don’t wait for your current hot water system to break down. Contact Koppy’s Propane to look into your water heater options.