Posted: May 25, 2018

Medium-duty fleet

Propane isn’t just for barbecues and space heaters…it’s also one of the best ways to power your light- to medium-duty fleet.

That’s why smart fleet managers, municipalities, and business owners around the country (and around the world) are turning to propane every day as a clean-burning alternative to gasoline.

Converting to Autogas is a smart investment that will pay for itself quickly by saving you money on fuel and reducing both wear and tear on your vehicles and impact on the environment (you can read more about the benefits of Propane Autogas here).

But don’t take our word for it.

Our friends at the Propane Education Research Council (PERC) have been kind enough to share some of their favorite Autogas success stories – if you’re on the fence about a conversion, check out the links below.

Koppy’s: the Propane AutoGas conversion experts

Through our participation in the Alliance AutoGas network, Koppy’s fleet specialists can help you convert your existing fleet, with certified aftermarket conversions available for more than 900 vehicle types.

We also provide the following support to fleet managers:

  • Vehicle conversion and fleet mechanic maintenance training
  • AutoGas vehicle use and safety training
  • Safe fueling practices training
  • Ongoing fuel delivery planning

Summer is a great time to convert your fleet to Autogas – especially if you log loads of miles in the fall and winter. Give us a call today to explore Autogas conversion options for your Pennsylvania-based fleet!