Posted: February 25, 2021

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After a slow start, winter 2020/21 has really hit its stride here in Pennsylvania (as we predicted in our last blog), and your heating system has been hard at work protecting your family from temperature drops caused by 2021’s appearance of the polar vortex.

These sudden dips can cause your heating system to use propane gas more quickly than you anticipated – something you’ll have to be especially mindful of if you’re a Will Call customer.

In other words, keep an eye on that propane gas gauge! If you’re new to propane or haven’t had to read your gauge before, here are the basics:

  • The gauge is usually near the top of the tank; typically it’s a round dial with the numbers from 5 to 95 on it that looks a lot like a car’s speedometer.
  • Keep in mind that a propane tank is never filled to 100 of its maximum capacity; about 20 percent of the tank must remain empty to allow the gas to expand as temperatures change. A “full” 125-gallon tank, in other words, only contains about 100 gallons of propane.

The most important thing about reading your propane gas gauge, though, is to remember not wait for the last minute to schedule your propane delivery – especially when temperatures are low or dropping. Contact us for a fill-up when your gauge reads no less than 25 percent full; that will give us enough time to get to you before you run out of gas.

If you do experience a propane run-out, don’t panic – call Koppy’s right away for emergency service. We’ll get your tank topped off, then performed safety leak and pressure test as required by law so you can get back to normal in your southeastern PA home.

The Free Automatic Delivery Solution

Simplify your propane management with FREE Automatic Delivery

If you want to make things easier on yourself this winter – and year-round, if you have a house full of propane appliances – switch from Will Call to automatic propane delivery from Koppy’s Propane. Here’s how it works:

  • Our delivery teams will estimate how much fuel you’re likely to use based on your past bills and the current weather (if you have recently become a Koppy’s customer, we’ll estimate based on local averages for a home your size).
  • Your delivery will be scheduled when your tank is about one-quarter full.
  • With automatic delivery, you’ll drastically reduce the likelihood of a propane run-out, and you won’t have to worry about scheduling a propane delivery. You’ll also get priority service over Will Call customers – a benefit that can really come in handy during unpredictable weather.

Don’t risk a propane run-out – sign up for FREE automatic propane delivery from Koppy’s Propane. Contact us today to learn more about reliable propane delivery in Dauphin, Cumberland, and Luzerne counties, PA!