Posted: September 18, 2023

Koppy’s Propane delivers fuel and services to farms, businesses, dealers and more!

commercial propane Lancaster, pa A warehouse in Harrisburg, a construction site in Wilkes-Barre and a dairy farm in Cumberland County — each of these commercial ventures relies on a steady supply of propane to stay profitable. And they all count on the professional, dedicated team at Koppy’s Propane for their fuel.

For over 70 years, our company has proudly offered commercial propane services to a range of Pennsylvania businesses. Whatever the needs of your company, farm or commercial venture, Koppy’s can accommodate them with a tailored fuel plan. Here are some of the business sectors we service.

Hospitality and Service

Without propane, patrons throughout Pennsylvania wouldn’t have hot food, clean linens, warm showers or other gas-powered amenities. We set up commercial-size propane tanks and arrange automatic fuel deliveries for hotels, restaurants, laundries, spas and other hospitality businesses.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Do you have a distribution center with propane-powered forklifts or a warehouse that needs stable heat for the goods you store? Propane provides reliable, robust, efficient power to industrial and manufacturing businesses. Get in touch with our commercial services team, and we’ll set up a delivery schedule that meets your requirements.

Construction Sites

We all know that Pennsylvania’s temperatures can fluctuate, sometimes unpredictably. If you’re laying concrete or applying paint, spackle or joint compound for a new building, a sudden temperature drop can ruin an entire shift’s work and put you behind schedule. Propane-fired temporary heat will ensure a stable temperature and keep your crew warm on frigid evenings. Propane also powers moving and excavation equipment, not to mention dependable backup power.

Fuel Distributors and HVAC Companies

Many HVAC companies in the Keystone State turn to Koppy’s Propane to subcontract their propane work, and we’re always ready to help. We also offer bulk propane services and propane transport for fuel dealers in the region. You can use our super-reliable delivery fleet to get your fuel wherever you need it.


Farms across our region are discovering what a difference switching from diesel and gasoline to propane can make. Propane farm equipment typically costs less to maintain. Propane is an American-made fuel with a price point that’s generally lower than those other fuels. Plus, it has a virtually unlimited shelf life!
Finally, consider that propane has versatile agricultural uses, including weed clearing, water heating, irrigation and crop drying. Koppy’s Propane is here to discuss how you can transform your agricultural business with our fuel.

Reach out to Koppy’s Propane today!

You deserve a fuel partner that’s as dedicated to your business’s success as you are. Our employees live in the communities we serve. We frequent the businesses that depend on our propane services. And as a locally-owned propane company, we have a personal touch you won’t get from larger corporations. If you need an emergency tank repair or propane delivery, we’ll move mountains to get it done. That’s our commitment to you!

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