Posted: December 4, 2023

Propane autogas offers an affordable way to decarbonize your vehicles.

propane fleet fuel Harrisburg, pa Have you heard about Pennsylvania’s Alternative Fuels Incentive Grants Program? The Commonwealth is allocating roughly $3 million for school districts, municipalities, nonprofit organizations and businesses to transition their vehicles to cleaner fleet fuel sources than gasoline and diesel.

This is an excellent way to reduce emissions in the Keystone State. The transportation sector is the single largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. While much press has been given to the increase in electric vehicles on our roadways, the third most popular transportation fuel in the country is actually propane!

Koppy’s Propane is experienced in helping businesses, school districts and municipalities make the shift to propane autogas.

How does propane power a vehicle?

Propane autogas vehicles operate much like gasoline vehicles. The engine has a spark-ignited internal combustion engine. These vehicles store propane as a liquid in a pressurized tank at the rear of the vehicle. Depending on the system, propane travels along a fuel line as either vapor or liquid for injection into the engine.

Is propane autogas clean?

Propane autogas has significant eco-friendly benefits over gas and diesel. Consider the following facts:

  • Propane has a much lower carbon intensity (CI) than gasoline or diesel.
  • Propane also has a lower CI than grid-based electricity used to power electric vehicles. Pennsylvania’s power grid still relies heavily on coal and natural gas for generation.
  • Propane also emits virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.
  • Autogas buses produce 24 percent less nitrogen oxide (NOx) than gasoline buses. They produce 44 percent less sulfur oxide (SOx) than gas-powered buses. This makes the air around them safer for adults and children with asthma and other respiratory conditions. *

Is converting a fleet to autogas expensive?

Compared to converting your fleet to electric vehicles, the switch to autogas is quite affordable, and you can enjoy the financial benefits almost immediately. Koppy’s customers who converted to autogas fleets saw a recoup timeline of about 12 to 24 months. Those who financed their conversion saw immediate savings!

What are the financial benefits of autogas fleet fueling?

Propane is one of the most affordable fleet fueling options around. Propane’s price per gallon is generally much lower than gasoline or diesel. Even accounting for a slightly lower fuel economy, you can expect considerable savings on fuel costs alone.

Then, there’s the matter of engine maintenance. Autogas vehicles run cleaner than gas and diesel engines, and since propane won’t gel in freezing temperatures, you’ll have fewer startup issues. This all adds up to significantly lower maintenance costs and a longer engine lifespan.

Koppy’s Propane can convert your fleet.

We partner with the Alliance Autogas network to convert vehicle fleets to propane autogas. Koppy’s team has the process down pat, with continuing support for your fleet and fueling equipment. We’ll also help you qualify for any government incentives you are eligible for.

Come see the immense benefits your fleet can experience with autogas. Contact Koppy’s Propane to get started.

*Sources: The Propane Education & Research Council, Choose Energy (“Electricity Generation by State”)