Posted: March 4, 2024

A Koppy’s Propane tank lease includes seamless installation.

propane tank Cumberland County, PA Adding propane service to your home can be a daunting task, especially when it means installing a new stationary propane tank on your property. Home propane tanks are pricy items, often costing several thousand dollars. Far too many homeowners try to cut corners by attempting their own propane tank installation.

Not only is it unsafe to install a propane tank yourself, but it more often than not results in even greater costs down the line because of repair gas leaks and improper propane appliance connections. In the end, you’ll wish you had hired a propane professional to handle the job for you.

Happily, Koppy’s Propane customers in Cumberland County and throughout Central or Southeastern Pennsylvania can affordably lease a propane tank from us and count on our expert team for installation and upkeep.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Propane Tank Installation

Many homeowners feel comfortable hanging a lighting fixture, mounting a new television or switching out a bathroom faucet. But anything involving a gas line needs to be handled by a licensed professional. Attempting to install a propane tank yourself is dangerous and often illegal.

The propane industry has rigorous training and licensing processes that Koppy’s technicians undergo. This training, combined with years of experience, ensures that we can properly prepare your property to set the tank, position it in a safe and accessible spot, safety-test it and connect it to your gas-fired systems and appliances.

When you work with a licensed propane installation team, you can be confident that your fuel storage is secure and safe.

The Benefits of Leasing a Tank with Koppy’s Propane

Leasing a tank with Koppy’s Propane puts to rest all the stress and risks associated with installing propane storage. Consider these advantages:

  1. Selection and Purchasing — Propane tanks are pricy, and it helps to have an expert partner to identify the best size and model for your household needs. We sell a range of propane tank sizes and can assist you in choosing the ideal product. And instead of spending thousands for a tank, you’ll pay a minimal monthly leasing fee.
  2. Tank Installation — Our team handles all the installation for tank lease customers. If you need excavation for an underground tank, we can do that. We’re also well-versed in local regulations and can handle all the permits for your new tank.
  3. Upkeep and Repairs — As a tank lease customer, you have peace of mind that the Koppy’s team will handle all maintenance and repairs for your tank. If necessary, we’ll replace the tank for you.

Get Exceptional Propane Delivery from Koppy’s!

On top of the excellent tank installation and upkeep you receive as a Koppy’s Propane customer, you can also take advantage of our top-tier propane delivery service. We have the most dependable delivery fleet in the region and offer free automatic delivery to our customers.

For superior propane tank services and fuel delivery in Pennsylvania, become a Koppy’s Propane customer today.