Posted: August 22, 2022

Propane autogas is cleaner, more affordable, and domestically produced

fleet fueling pennsylvanisPropane autogas has flown under the radar for a long time.

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, businesses, municipalities, and private drivers are looking for affordable, eco-friendly ways to fuel their vehicles. Both diesel and gasoline have proven to be large carbon emitters. They’re also highly vulnerable to price swings in the global oil market.

Electric vehicles may not produce greenhouse gas emissions but generating electricity does. In Pennsylvania, over half of our electricity is generated using natural gas, and one-tenth is generated by burning coal.

Luckily, there is a domestically-produced, eco-friendly alternative for fueling light to medium-duty fleets — propane autogas.

What’s so great about autogas?

To begin, propane is plentiful and economical. It’s a natural co-product of natural gas and oil extraction in the U.S. We actually export more propane than we use. So, while propane isn’t totally insulated from energy price surges, it’s generally more affordable.

Your fleet vehicles won’t require as much time for fueling with autogas since Koppy’s Propane can set up an onsite station for you.

Then there’s the environmental component. Propane autogas:

  • emits less smog-producing hydrocarbon than gasoline
  • produces about 20 percent less carbon monoxide than gasoline
  • emits 10 percent less carbon dioxide than gasoline
  • emits 40 percent less nitrogen oxide than gasoline

This reduces your vehicle’s carbon intensity and reduces acid rain. Propane autogas also lowers emissions that worsen asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Koppy’s Propane is your go-to autogas provider

If you want to take advantage of the environmental and budgetary savings that autogas provides. Koppy’s Propane makes converting easy. Our fueling specialists will discuss what your fleet of vehicles needs and develop an onsite autogas plan.

Koppy’s fill stations work similarly to gas pumps. They’re no-spill and intuitive to use. And if your fleet uses both gasoline and autogas, we can set up a dual-fuel station!

Our commercial clients that pay for conversion upfront have found that they recoup their initial investment within 12 to 24 months with fuel savings. If they finance the conversion, the savings are immediate!

Ready to make the switch to propane autogas? Contact us today!