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What is Autogas? Discover the advantages of propane for your fleet

why propane autogas pennsylvania

Propane Autogas (also called liquefied petroleum gas, LPG or propane) is the third most common vehicle fuel in the world, powering more than 20 million cars and trucks across the globe.

As a fuel for your light- to medium-duty fleet, propane Autogas enjoys significant advantages over gasoline.

Propane Autogas is:

  1. Economical – Even after you factor in conversion costs, Autogas is still the most economical alternative fuel available for fleet use today – especially when you consider federal and state tax benefits and incentives.
  2. ConvenientWith a propane fueling station of your own, your fleet will spend less time pumping and more time on the road earning money.
  3. Clean – Autogas burns cleaner than gasoline, leaving fewer harmful deposits on your engine. That means your vehicles will last longer and you’ll spend less time and money on engine maintenance. You’ll also keep your vehicles on the road making money rather than in the shop.
  4. Reliable – Propane Autogas use has been widespread since the 1970s; today it powers more than 20 million vehicles worldwide – and more every day.
  5. Eco-Friendly – Clean, green propane also emits less smog-producing hydrocarbon than gasoline. It produces about 20 percent less carbon monoxide, 40 percent less nitrogen oxide and 10 percent less carbon dioxide than gasoline. With ever-tightening restrictions on emissions, Autogas is smart fuel.
  6. Safe – Autogas tanks on converted vehicles are 20 times as puncture-resistant as gasoline tanks, and propane has the lowest flammability range of any alternative motor fuel. The bottom line: Propane gas is the safest vehicle fuel on the market today.

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