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We’ll help you decide which water heater saves you the most energy and money.

propane water heaters harrisburg, pa How much energy do you think you use every year to heat water? According to the U.S. Department of Energy, most American households use about one-fifth of their energy on hot water. Any way you cut it, hot water generation comprises a big chunk of your home’s energy expenses.

It only stands to reason that homeowners want the most efficient water heater on the market. And when Luzerne County customers ask us what the best option is, we recommend propane-fired water heaters.

Comparing efficiency of electric vs. propane water heaters

As a starting point, you must consider that propane packs a bigger heating wallop than electricity. A single gallon of propane can generate 91,500 Btu’s of heat energy. What does that mean for hot water generation?

You don’t need as large of a propane unit to produce the same amount of hot water. To generate 70 gallons of water in the first hour of use, you would need a 50-gallon electric water heater but only a 40-gallon propane model.

And recent technological advances have virtually eliminated heat loss in propane water heaters. High-efficiency condensing units have some of the fasted recovery times around.

“A 100,000-Btu condensing unit will fully heat a 50-gallon tank in 20 minutes,” says Rheem’s Jeff Haney. “You can start taking a shower after the first 10 minutes.”

In short, you get prompt, plentiful hot water with a propane water heater.

Do electric or propane water heaters cost more?

Propane water heaters often cost more than electric alternatives, but there are significant operations savings from heating water with propane. In cold climate zones like the Pennsylvania towns and cities we service, propane storage tank units have 10 percent lower annual costs than electric units, according to research conducted by the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC).

A PERC study compared homes that used electric and propane water heaters and found that households using the propane product saved over $350 annually!

Koppy’s Propane’s appliance selection is second to none.

Are you interested in taking advantage of propane water heaters’ efficiency and comfort? Koppy’s has you covered!

We sell and install a range of premium-quality propane appliances. Our propane hot water systems come in both traditional storage tank units and tankless water heaters. Propane tankless water heaters offer even better efficiency and supply almost unlimited hot water on demand!

Our propane appliance selection also includes the following:

  • furnaces
  • fireplace inserts and gas logs
  • cast-iron stoves
  • garage heaters
  • space heaters
  • gas ranges

Koppy’s Propane’s team of technicians has industry-leading safety training and works with products from countless manufacturers. You can depend on them to install your water heater quickly and correctly and maintain it for years of efficient service.

Is your hot water system on its last legs? Please don’t wait for it to break down and leave your home without a warm shower. Contact us for a free estimate.

The most affordable commercial propane option for Luzerne County businesses

propane transportation harrisburg, pa Does your business, work site or farm have immense fueling needs? For decades, Koppy’s Propane has provided dependable bulk propane transport for a range of commercial clients. Whether you are reselling, powering equipment or using it for power generation, we can help ensure you have the propane you need.

We also understand that bulk propane and commercial fuel transportation can be complex enough to make you pull your hair out. Our team handles fuel transport and delivery for companies large and small. Let’s shed some light on how bulk propane transport works.

Why do businesses need bulk propane?

Countless commercial ventures in Pennsylvania have large propane tanks and dispensing equipment. The businesses we serve include:

  • propane resellers
  • large farms
  • construction companies
  • factories and warehouses
  • shipping facilities
  • food manufacturers
  • trucking companies
  • greenhouses
  • asphalt and highway materials manufacturers

Propane storage and dispensing can be complicated. You need skilled professionals with safety certifications to maintain and repair your equipment. The Koppy’s Propane team can provide that, and we can also transport bulk propane wherever you need it!

How do you transport your bulk propane?

Koppy’s Propane offers dependable, secure fuel transport solutions. Our delivery fleet — ferried by licensed drivers with comprehensive safety training — will ensure that your contracted propane supply makes it quickly to its destination. We’ll pick it up from any suitable location, be it a storage facility, pipeline, refinery or railroad.

One of the reasons that we have such reliable commercial propane transportation services is that we know the region. Koppy’s Propane has served Hazleton, Mountain Top and other Luzerne County communities for years. We protect your shipment every mile of the trip. You won’t get that level of commitment from a national corporation.

How do you get the best possible price for bulk propane?

In 1984, Koppy’s Propane launched a wholesale propane business. We are now the best-in-class bulk propane wholesaler in the Keystone State!

We employ experts who keep track of energy markets on a daily — even hourly — basis and know exactly when to make a move and buy propane at the optimal price. And we pass the savings on to you.
Our flexible wholesale pricing options include the following:

  • daily spot market price
  • index/fixed/combination pricing
  • allocated contracts at various summer-to-winter ratios

Combined with a team of certified technicians and the best bulk propane transport fleet in the region, we are able to offer a full-service bulk fuel partnership at unbeatable prices.

Koppy’s Propane gets your business.

We understand that the businesses we serve cannot remain profitable without a reliable propane supply. A runout can be ruinous to their bottom lines.

In fact, many of our current commercial propane customers came to us after being let down by larger companies. We appreciate their trust in us and work hard to earn it daily. Our commercial propane team will work with you to develop a custom transportation and delivery plan. If you unexpectedly need an emergency repair or last-minute transportation, you can be confident that we’ll be there when you call.

Ready to see what the Koppy’s team can do for your business? Become a customer today.

Propane ranges are the gold standard for efficient, precise home cooking

gas range efficiency williamstown, pa Did you know that 96 percent of chefs prefer cooking with gas over electricity?

If you’ve ever been to a restaurant with an open kitchen layout, you might have noticed that the searing, boiling and sautéing was happening over rows of blue flames. Simply put, gas is the gold standard for people who like to cook — whether professionally or at home.

It’s no wonder, then, that many of our customers in Williamstown, Carlisle and other cities in our Pennsylvania service area want to know about propane stoves. Here are answers to some of the frequent questions we hear.

How much propane do you need for a gas stove?

Generally, a propane stove for residential use will only need about 35 gallons of propane per year. If you anticipate heavier usage, the annual total could be as high as 60 gallons. The reason is that propane ranges are incredibly efficient. One gallon of propane produces about 91,502 Btu of heat energy.

If one of the larger burners on your propane range produces 18,000 Btu per hour, then one gallon of propane will power that burner for over five hours.

As such, you can power a propane-fired stove and oven — plus other propane appliances — with a modestly sized propane tank and not require too many fuel deliveries.

What are the other benefits of a propane stove?

There are many reasons that propane stoves are so prevalent in new construction. Here are just a few:

  • Precise temperature control, which is especially useful from searing to simmering.
  • They emit 30 percent less carbon dioxide than the equivalent electricity needed for electric units.
  • Burners heat quickly once lit, and when you turn off the burner, it cools much faster than an electric element.

Are propane stoves safe for my home?

Some homeowners are reasonably concerned about the safety and eco-friendliness of propane stoves. But many of the emissions at the center of the current debate don’t come into play with propane. For example, propane is entirely methane-free. It also emits virtually no particulate matter.

Particulate matter is microscopic solids or liquid droplets that can be inhaled and cause health problems. It’s worth noting that all cooking produces some particulate matter, regardless of whether it involves a gas, electric or wood stove.

But particulate matter and other emissions can be largely mitigated with proper ventilation. If you want additional peace of mind, consider indoor air quality products. In a recent New York Times article, Dr. Ravi Kalhan of Northwestern University suggested that an air purifier with a HEPA filter can significantly help reduce the level of nitrogen oxides concentrating in the home.

Koppy’s Propane can install your propane stove!

If you’re ready to take the plunge on a high-quality, fuel-efficient propane-fired range and oven, we can help. We sell and install propane stoves from leading manufacturers and can find the perfect one for your kitchen.

Our friendly technicians are ready to help. Get in touch with Koppy’s Propane right away.

We are pleased to let you know that Koppy’s Propane acquired Swenson Fuels in August of 2021. After a year and a half of operating the business as Swenson Fuels, we are excited to let you know that we are rebranding our delivery footprint under the Koppy’s Propane name.

Koppy’s Propane is a family owned and operated company that has been taking care of our customers for over 75 years, through four generations. It is a privilege to have you join our family of customers and we are 100% committed to providing you with seamless propane, heating oil, and off road diesel delivery. Learn more about our history.

Below we’ve answered some common questions you may have. We also explain some of our procedures and highlight the many programs and services now available to you.

Please take a moment to look through the questions and answers or check out this website to learn about our services for your home or business.

You can use the Koppy’s Propane app (IOS or Android ) or the customer portal on our website to request a delivery or service, and make online payments too. Feel free to call us at 717-582-2949 if there is anything you would like to discuss.

As you get to know us, you’ll discover why so many people throughout Central Pennsylvania have come to trust us for their home and business heating needs.

Kara K. Tucker

Questions & Answers

Q: If I have a question or problem, who do I call?
A: Call the same number you always have: 717-582-2949. The New Bloomfield office is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 4pm and our customer care team will be happy to help you.

Q: Do you offer online account access?
A: Yes. It’s easy to sign up in our customer portal online to access account information, request deliveries & service, and pay your bills. You can also access your account through your phone or tablet by downloading the Koppy’s Propane app.

Q. Can I pay my invoices automatically?
A. Yes. Through our Autopay program, we can set up an auto debit via electronic check or credit card. Visit your fuel portal to sign up today.

Q: Do you charge extra fees?
A: Our pricing is transparent – we charge a small $5.40 hazmat delivery fee on each delivery to offset a portion of our regulatory, training, and compliance costs, which ensure the safety of our customers. We also charge a minimum usage fee if you use less than 50% of your tank capacity over the course of a year.

Q. Should I get my propane tank checked?
A: If we own the tank, we will do a safety inspection once every year. At that time, we will also fill the tank with propane.

Q: Will my delivery service change?
A: The biggest change will be on the day of delivery. We will not leave a written delivery ticket as your bill. Instead, we will mail you an invoice within a few days. Also, your delivery frequency may change as we utilize a weather based delivery schedule to maximize efficiency and offer the best pricing possible. We offer convenient text notifications when a delivery is made – contact us anytime if you would like to sign up for this free service.

Q. Do you offer paperless billing?
A. Absolutely! Please give us a call or contact us through our website to request paperless billing.

Q. How do I know when I’m due for a delivery?
A. If you are on automatic delivery, we know when to refill your tank. However, it is important that you notify us of any changes in routine usage; for example, the addition or removal of an appliance or increased usage of appliances. If you prefer to call for delivery, please call or request delivery online when your tank gauge is at 25%.

Q: Do you sell and install propane appliances?
A: Yes. We sell a full range of propane appliances including fireplaces, space heaters, tankless and traditional hot water heaters, and more. Please visit our showroom at 3027 Cold Storage Road, New Bloomfield or check out the appliances section of our website for more information.

Commercial propane in Hazleton, Mountain Top, and across Luzerne County

commercial propane pennsylvania For over 70 years, the team a Koppy’s Propane has been providing propane and a range of equipment services to commercial customers in Luzerne County and throughout our Pennsylvania service area. Companies, municipalities, construction sites, and agricultural businesses use our services.

When you manage a business that depends on propane to operate, you cannot afford to run out. We know that you have a hundred things to juggle and can take fueling coordination off the table for you. Here’s a rundown of some of the commercial sectors that trust Koppy’s team.

Farms and agriculture

Farms, dairies, orchards, vineyards — we supply propane for a variety of agricultural businesses. Propane is a versatile fuel with many vital uses on farms, including the following:

  • heating for greenhouses, poultry houses, and other outbuildings
  • crop drying and weed removal
  • power generation
  • water heating
  • water sanitizing stations for milking operations

We offer propane storage solutions to our agricultural customers as well, with tank sizes as large as 30,000 gallons. We can also lease propane-fired equipment for your heating, power generation and other needs.


For builders in Luzerne County, propane provides many essential functions. First and foremost, it provides heating and power to ensure that workers are warm and safe, especially on overnight shifts in cold months. Propane heat also warms frozen ground for digging and laying cement. It ensures that ice doesn’t form in brickwork, stucco and concrete. It also ensures that paint and compound dry and adhere correctly, regardless of temperature fluctuations.

In short, construction projects depend on the heating and power that propane provides. And we’re dedicated to ensuring they have the fuel they need.

Service and hospitality

We install commercial-grade industrial stoves, ovens, and other equipment that is critical to the operations of restaurants, hotels, and resorts. We also provide propane subcontracting support for HVAC companies in the region. Municipalities count on us to retrofit schools with propane heating, hot water, and cooking.

And, of course, we also supply the fuel that keeps these systems running!

Manufacturing and industrial

No matter the size or complexity of your factory, warehouse or distribution center, Koppy’s Propane can service its fuel needs. We supply the following:

  • heating installation and fueling for warehouse spaces
  • fueling for dependable propane-powered forklifts
  • oil-to-propane conversion for warehouses and other industrial buildings

In 1984, Koppy’s Propane launched a wholesale business to deliver bulk propane at the most competitive price. Trucking companies, food manufacturers, factories, and many other businesses love this transparently-priced, high-volume fuel option.

Propane transportation

We also have the most trusted propane transportation operation in the region. Propane suppliers, large-scale businesses, and other commercial operations place their fuel in the care of our drivers. We’ll pick it up at your site, a refinery, rail yard, or storage facility and reliably get it where it needs to go.

Whatever your commercial propane needs, we can develop a custom solution for you. Contact Koppy’s Propane to get started.

Pick the most effective, efficient and affordable hot water system

water heaters pennsylvania When certain appliances in your home break down, it’s not that big of a deal. For example, a few days without a gas range is annoying but not horrendous.

Water heaters are another matter altogether. You and your family depend on hot water for many crucial things: bathing, washing hands, cleaning laundry and dishes. If your water heater fails, your life is severely impacted. Arranging a new water heater installation becomes your top priority.

At Koppy’s Propane, we tell our customers in Mountain Top, Hazeltown and other Luzerne County communities to plan ahead if their water heater is getting up in years. There are a lot of water heaters on the market. Choosing the wrong option (especially because you’re rushing to replace broken equipment) can have lasting consequences for your budget and your family’s comfort.

Many customers ask us if it’s a better idea to get an electric or propane water heater. Let’s compare their affordability, effectiveness and carbon footprint.

Which water heater is more affordable?

Electric water heaters are typically less expensive than propane water heaters, but you need to consider more than upfront costs.

The average American household uses 20 percent of its energy on hot water generation. And propane water heaters generally require about 30 percent less energy than electric water heaters. The Propane Education and Research Council (PERC) compared the operating costs of electric and propane water heaters for a 2,400-square-foot home. They determined that propane water heaters cost about $355 less per year. You can recoup the difference in upfront costs in as little as one year. After that, you’ll enjoy continued savings every year!

Which option generates more hot water?

Propane water heaters generate double the hot water of an electric water heater in the same period. Propane produces some of the most robust heat of any home fuel. That means your showers will be reliably warm, and your taps will heat up faster.

Propane tankless water heaters generate unlimited hot water on demand, using even less energy!

Which water heater is better for the planet?

While it’s true that electric water heaters release no greenhouse gases from your home, the electricity powering them is far from eco-friendly. In Pennsylvania, the electric grid relies heavily on natural gas and coal. In 2021, electricity generation produced 32 percent of America’s carbon emissions.

Conversely, propane is not a greenhouse gas. It releases significantly less carbon dioxide than other energy sources besides natural gas, but unlike natural gas, It’s methane-free. Propane contains virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

Trust Koppy’s Propane for your water heater installation

Since 1944, Koppy’s Propane has been Luzerne County’s most trusted home comfort partner. We can help you choose the best propane-fired water heater for your home and budget, then install it for you quickly and safely. After that, you’ll have a trustworthy service and repair partner, as well as the most dependable propane delivery team in the region.

Don’t wait for your current hot water system to break down. Contact Koppy’s Propane to look into your water heater options.

Versatile, affordable and efficient — Propane has it all!

propane appliances pennsylvania If you’re building a new home or renovating and removing inefficient electric appliances, you’re likely weighing your options regarding a new home fuel source. In Williamstown, Carlisle, Wapwallopen, and many other communities in southeast and central Pennsylvania, our team helps folks get set up for propane service.

Especially if you live outside the range of a gas utility, propane is an excellent energy source. Here are five of the top benefits of using propane in your home.

1. Propane is powerful and efficient

You get a lot of heat for your propane dollar. It produces more than double the Btu’s per cubic foot of natural gas. And in modern heating equipment, propane can burn with efficiencies as high as 98 percent! You lose almost no heat energy out of your chimney.

In short, your home will enjoy robust heat and plentiful hot water — all while burning less fuel.

2. Propane can do more in your home

When you have a propane tank on your property, you can power so much more than home heating. Here are just a few fantastic propane products:

  • Propane water heaters use around 30 percent less energy than electric models.
  • Propane clothes dryers work 25 percent faster than electric dryers.
  • Propane ranges offer more precise temperature control.
  • Propane hearths and fire pits offer supplemental warmth and stylish ambiance.
  • Propane pool heaters expand your swimming season into the fall.

3. Propane’s price is more stable

Propane’s price fluctuates less than many other fuels because it is U.S.-made. Virtually all the propane you use comes from the same American natural gas and oil production process. We export more propane than we use. Of course, propane’s price isn’t totally insulated from world energy markets, but it’s far more stable.

4. Propane is there when you need it

When you have a home that depends on natural gas, you’re at the mercy of a utility and its often-shoddy infrastructure. The same is true of homes that are 100 percent electrified. They completely shut down when there’s a grid outage (an unfortunately frequent occurrence these days).

But with propane, you control your home’s fuel supply. If a natural gas leak shuts down your neighborhood, your heat, hot water and cooking will be uninterrupted.

5. Propane is eco-friendly

Propane’s carbon intensity is lower than grid electricity, more than half of which is generated using natural gas in Pennsylvania (coal and petroleum are also used). It’s also methane-free, unlike natural gas. Propane contains effectively no particulate matter, which is a carcinogen.

Koppy’s Propane has dependably delivered fuel since 1944

As you can see, propane has many advantages over other home energy sources. And Koppy’s team offers the most reliable propane delivery in the region. Our trained and certified drivers guarantee your home’s comfort. Our automatic delivery option means you don’t have to track your own fuel levels. Koppy’s Propane handles that for you and ensures you never run out!

Don’t delay — join the family of Koppy’s Propane customers today.

Weighing the pros and cons of wood-burning vs. propane fires

fireplace installation pennsylvania As temperatures drop here in eastern Pennsylvania, outdoor cookouts are giving way to football watch parties and other cozy indoor activities. Nothing improves the atmosphere of a fall (or winter) gathering like a warm fire in the hearth.

Even so, many households leave their fireplaces unlit all through the cold season. Some people don’t want to go through the work of building a wood fire, and others aren’t sure about the process of installing a gas fireplace. At Koppy’s Propane, we have extensive experience installing and servicing gas fireplaces. Here’s our informed assessment concerning wood and gas fireplaces. With this information, you can decide which is right for you.

Which kind of fireplace is easier to use?

A hearth is no good to anyone if it sits unused and collecting dust. It’s crucial to find a fireplace option that’s easy to use. On this point, gas fireplaces have a clear advantage.

Wood fireplaces: ease of useGas fireplaces: ease of use
You need to bring in wood, stoke the fire yourself and keep it going with more logs.Propane fireplace inserts and gas logs turn on and off with the push of a button!
After the fire’s out, you need to clean up ashes and burnt logs. It’s quite a mess! 

Which kind of fireplace looks nicer?

Both wood and gas fireplaces have their charms. Deciding which option will create the best ambiance in your home depends upon your tastes:

Wood fireplaces: attractivenessGas fireplaces: attractiveness
There’s undeniable classic charm to a crackling wood fire.Gas fireplaces have a steady, reliable flame
 They are fantastically versatile, with many designs. Your fireplace can be single-sided, see-through, circular, or another configuration.

Which kind of fireplace is safer?

Both gas and wood-burning fireplaces require maintenance and attention, and each has its own safety concerns.

Wood fireplaces: safetyGas fireplaces: safety
You must ensure that embers and burning logs do not escape your hearth.Propane fireplaces provide a controlled flame that burns very cleanly.
Burning wood releases fine particulate matter and other toxins that can lower your indoor air quality.You’ll need to schedule occasional maintenance of your appliance and its venting.
You’ll need to clean your flue regularly to ensure clear venting. 

Which kind of fireplace is better for the environment?

There is sometimes a misconception that burning wood is better for the environment than burning natural gas or propane. This simply is not the case.

Wood fireplaces: eco-friendlinessGas fireplaces: eco-friendliness
The Environmental Protection Agency states that burning wood releases more pollution (including greenhouse gases) than natural gas or propane.Propane and natural gas are among the lowest carbon-emission fuels.
 Both fuels burn with excellent efficiency, but propane produces twice the heat energy per cubic foot of natural gas.
 Propane is also methane-free.

Do you still have questions about gas fireplaces? The friendly, experienced technicians at Koppy’s Propane can talk you through the costs and installation process for a high-quality gas fireplace. Contact us today for a no-fee consultation!

Deciding between two excellent propane delivery options

delivery options pennsylvaniaThese days, we have many ways to get essential items to our front door. When you can order groceries from the comfort of your couch or have a recurring diaper delivery each month, doesn’t it make sense to have your home’s propane delivered at your convenience?

As a full-service home comfort provider, Koppy’s Propane offers two propane delivery options — Will Call and Automatic Delivery. You can choose the delivery program that best fits your Pennsylvania home’s needs.

But which choice is best for your home?

What is Will Call propane delivery?

If you prefer to control your own delivery schedule, then Will Call service is probably for you. With Will Call, you are responsible for checking your propane tank levels and requesting a propane delivery when your tank is around 30 percent full. This option requires more work on the part of the customer, but some people like managing their own fuel deliveries.

What is Automatic Delivery?

At Koppy’s Propane, we know that you have a lot on your plate, and we want your fuel delivery to be as low-stress as possible. That’s why we offer a no-fee Automatic Delivery option — it’s by far the most popular delivery program we have.

Automatic Delivery is a set-it-and-forget-it option that takes all the work out of getting your propane. No more trudging outside in the rain to check your tank gauge. No more panic when you realize you need to request an emergency fill-up. In fact, you don’t have to remember to call us at all!

Here’s how we take the stress out of propane delivery. For Automatic Delivery customers, Koppy’s state-of-the-art system tracks your tank levels using your usage history and current weather. We are able to determine when you will need a propane delivery, and we’ll schedule one in advance.

You’ll have a priority place in line without lifting a finger. And you’ll never worry about running out of fuel again!

Which propane delivery option is better for your home?

The vast majority of our customers prefer the no-fee, no-stress Automatic Delivery option for their propane delivery. With that said, we understand that no fuel option is perfect for everyone.

Here’s a breakdown of which customers choose which delivery program:

Automatic Delivery is ideal for:Will Call is a good option for:
People who use propane for vital home systems like heating and hot water.Households that only use propane for a couple of non-essential appliances like fireplace inserts or a pool heater.
People who are busy and might not regularly check their tank gauges.People who want to schedule their own deliveries.
Owners of rental and vacation properties. 

We hope this gives you an idea of the different propane delivery options available to you.

We’re here to help you choose the right propane delivery for your needs. Now is a great time to reach out to us and become a Koppy’s Propane customer.

Propane autogas is cleaner, more affordable, and domestically produced

fleet fueling pennsylvanisPropane autogas has flown under the radar for a long time.

In Pennsylvania and across the United States, businesses, municipalities, and private drivers are looking for affordable, eco-friendly ways to fuel their vehicles. Both diesel and gasoline have proven to be large carbon emitters. They’re also highly vulnerable to price swings in the global oil market.

Electric vehicles may not produce greenhouse gas emissions but generating electricity does. In Pennsylvania, over half of our electricity is generated using natural gas, and one-tenth is generated by burning coal.

Luckily, there is a domestically-produced, eco-friendly alternative for fueling light to medium-duty fleets — propane autogas.

What’s so great about autogas?

To begin, propane is plentiful and economical. It’s a natural co-product of natural gas and oil extraction in the U.S. We actually export more propane than we use. So, while propane isn’t totally insulated from energy price surges, it’s generally more affordable.

Your fleet vehicles won’t require as much time for fueling with autogas since Koppy’s Propane can set up an onsite station for you.

Then there’s the environmental component. Propane autogas:

  • emits less smog-producing hydrocarbon than gasoline
  • produces about 20 percent less carbon monoxide than gasoline
  • emits 10 percent less carbon dioxide than gasoline
  • emits 40 percent less nitrogen oxide than gasoline

This reduces your vehicle’s carbon intensity and reduces acid rain. Propane autogas also lowers emissions that worsen asthma and other respiratory conditions.

Koppy’s Propane is your go-to autogas provider

If you want to take advantage of the environmental and budgetary savings that autogas provides. Koppy’s Propane makes converting easy. Our fueling specialists will discuss what your fleet of vehicles needs and develop an onsite autogas plan.

Koppy’s fill stations work similarly to gas pumps. They’re no-spill and intuitive to use. And if your fleet uses both gasoline and autogas, we can set up a dual-fuel station!

Our commercial clients that pay for conversion upfront have found that they recoup their initial investment within 12 to 24 months with fuel savings. If they finance the conversion, the savings are immediate!

Ready to make the switch to propane autogas? Contact us today!